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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Outbreak in Gotham

Image from Warner Bros. Dark Knight

So what will I do with all these Batman figures? Play the Batman miniatures game? Maybe. What I will do with all these Batman figures is play a rather insane ATZ campaign I'm calling Outbreak in Gotham. The ATZ Final Fade Out campaign with a decidedly Gotham City twist.  In the full Final Fade Out campaign the outbreak has just begun everyone is a civilian and know one can tell who is a zombie until they are up close.  I now have over a dozen batman figures in this game they'll be mystery PEF tokens not to be revealed until a figure gets within Rep in inchs of the Batman.  The the Batman is removed and a Human or Zed encounter is revealed. That's just the first 21 days,after that  society really starts breaking down and all characters choose to become a survivor or a ganger. 

Image from Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns
This is the part I find inspiring all my gangers will batmaesq like the Sons of the Batman pictured above or the Red Hood Gang pictured below. Not to mention the classic Street Demonz.
DC Comics
DC Comics No Mand's Land
All though there never been a Joker street gang I can't help but create one. The below image was taken from the internet and its fantastic.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Black Friday Batman Booty

I spotted a deal at an internet retailer during Black Friday a small mention of Spanish language 4 figure packs of DC hero Heroclick for a dollar per pack. So I bought 12 of them. Yup 48 Heroclick figures from the Batman line for $12! I tossed in some Mantic Dreadzone figures, some Bones and a couple of Horrorclick and called it a day. Well my rather large box arrive this evening, I purchased 67 figures for less than $50 shipping included!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

To Mr. Sheets and all the Ships at Sea

James Blaylock on inventing "Steampunk" 2007

"Homunculus (Blaylock's first steampunk novel) was simply a variety of historical novel that I had written largely because I was crazy for The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and I had grown up reading Jules Verne and H.G. Wells, and my idea of science fiction had always had to do with backyard scientists and fabulous submarines and spacecraft that housed onboard greenhouses. And of course no one had heard the word "Steampunk" (or Cyberpunk, either) back when Tim, K.W. Jeter, and I were first writing our Victoriana. The term hadn't been coined yet, and wouldn't be for years. And certainly we had no idea that we were inventing a sub-genre of science fiction. We were merely writing stories that amused us."

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Steampunk Literature

Parsons nodded wearily. "Oxford man. Renegade academician. They're a dangerous breed when they go feral, academics are. Higgins was a chemist, too. Came back from the Orient with insane notions about carp."

One might think the above statement was a comment about  my readers it is in fact a quote from LORD KELVIN"S MACHINE by James Blaylock. A most excellent book certainly the best of the so called Steampunk literary genre.
Steampunk was a term coined by the press to describe the writings of James Blaylock and his roommate K. W. Jeter. Jeter was the protege of Phillip K. Dick author of the book that spawned the movie Bladerunner, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. In 1987 Jeter wrote Infernal Devices a Victorian Fantasy. This was the very first "Steampunk" novel. Don't let any of these johnny come latelys fool you.

P.S. Google is preventing me from uploading pictures.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween 2015

Happy Halloween everyone! Well not for me as I'm working 7 days again this week end!  So obviously no painting this weekend nor last weekend.So lets visit some past Halloween's antics shall we?
Mad Hatter
March Hare

Enjoy the Holiday!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Zombtober 2015 Week 3 A day late but hopefully not a dollar short...

Live by the cross.... well he didn't die from one but not for lack of trying. (Sorry Padre) The Padre miniature by Lead Bones.
Bob was an actuary for a life insurance company a statistical annalist. The sheer statistical improbability of a zombie apocalypse broke his mind. Now its Bob and his trusty ginsu knife (guaranteed for a lifetime) against the chaos. (Bob is a Hasselfree figure I started painting back in 2009. I still feel I got him wrong especially the face. I might do him over again some day.)

Astute readers will notice I missed a week of Zombtober I hope to make it up in the beginning of November.

This is a smuggled phone photo of the Lunatic and I using our super high tech ATZ table planning method at his lair. Don't tell anyone.