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Monday, December 22, 2014

Empire of the Dead New Releases

More of the EOTD Requiem KS miniatures have been released for general sale they include these two fine sets of Victorian servants. I'd say these sets are a must for all Gothic Horror gamers.
And these rather fine sets of villainous thugs. The first set contains some great brutes but the guy with the box in the second set projects a real air of menace to me. Say what you will about Westwind's utter cockup with their ETOD game support they are in my opinion still the best manufacturers of Victorian Gothic figures in true 28mm.
I am both delighted and outraged by these wonderful figures pictured above. I'm delighted because stylistically they are very much like the previous set of Order of the Dragon thugs giving the player a total of 8 (both sets) stylistically similar troops enough for a IHMN company if you play that game. I really hope a 3rd set with some thugs with rifles will be released in the near future that would be just perfect! These figures are brand new sculpts they were not part of the Requiem KS and so none of the KS backers have this particular set of figures. (hence the mild outrage) Its nice to see brand new Gothics from Westwind.

Also a few more resign vehicles have been release:

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