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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Copper the second season

I am happy to report the the season opener of the BBC America show Copper doesn't disappoint.Its just a unflinchingly historically realistic as the first season was. The year 1865 in New York looks to be even bloodier than 1864.

For you English lads who thinks Fagin is the poster child for Victorian crime is in for a big surprise when the see this accurate depiction of crime and corruption in the five points of New York. It airs Sunday nights at 10pm Eastern time. 


  1. Well I never, this has completely passed me by! Not sure it is even available over here of to see if the first edition is available as a box set!

  2. Looks good like Michael I hadn't heard of it. Off to investigate further :0)

  3. I thought it aired in Britain. Season 1 is on netfilx if you guys get that. I like it as much as Ripper Street.