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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Preperations for Zombtober 2014

With this current employment I'm working every weekend day but despite this I've managed to glue sand & stones to the Werewolf of London's base and coat Jim the Milk Lad in watered down PVA (he's Arifix style plastic). This weekends weather is very mild so I've gotten 7 figures primed 5 zombies and 2 special characters for the Zombie Incident of 1888. I expect to have the Werewolf & Jim primed this week so that will bring my primed figures for Zombtober 2014 up to 8 zombies and 8 survivors/special characters. I also have 3 half painted zombies left over from Zombtober 2013 I know that makes me a lazy git, which bring this years zombie total to 12. This is my goal for Zombtober 2014 19 figures not much compared to many of you guys but realistically the most I'll accomplish this October.

I might try a photographic background for the finished zombie pictures do any of these grab you as a background?

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