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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Linka World

Many of you who have been following this blog know that I've been trying to create a Victorian London playing board for The Zombie Incident of 1888 and EOTD this project has been on hold for a while as I haven't found the best way to do it see here and here. The Lunatic produced a series of foam core buildings covered in textured paper see here, he wasn't happen with the joints and I wasn't happy with the lack of texture on the paper so they have been abandoned. Finally a very old model railroad system was rediscovered (I remember when this was being sold back in 1989.) Linka World formally know as Linka Systems a set of building part molds used with plaster. I now have a full set of all the brick molds and roof slate molds.
These molds can be purchased here shipping world wide is only $6 US orders of $100 are shipped free!!! A full set of all the brick molds and the roof molds will cost close to $100, there are stone, timber and wooden siding molds too. Detailed plans on how to build various buildings are available as free PDFs on the Linka World site.
There are PDFs on how to build the tricky bits with photos too.
Needless to say Linka mold casting will begin this week.

There are now many new readers to the blog I'm afraid I don't have time to welcome you all now but I will surely do so next post.