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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Breaking News Brumm horse and horseless carriages in 1/43 scale

Brumm horse and horseless carriages in 1/43 scale. First a horse drawn carriage.
Horseless carriages from the "old Fire" line.

Brumm, this company was created in 1972 in Italy to produce a line of horse drawn Carriages, the "Carriage" line.  In 1976, the "Old Fire" series of steam powered horseless carriages followed.   The "Old Fire" series at first focused on steam fire engines and other fairly well known pre-gas engine vehicles such as Richard Trevithick's 1803 steam carriage. Soon, the line was expanded into a unique set of steam powered vehicles - something no toy manufacturer had ever done before. This included Cugnot's 1769 steam tractor from France, proposed for pulling military cannon, and later, two fantastical steam cars: one supposedly made by Ferdinand Verbiest in 1681, and another proposed by Newton in 1680 - neither confirmed to have ever been actually constructed. Such novel choices for steam propulsion did not stop with European concoctions; for example Oliver Evans' 'Oruktor Amphibolos' was a steam dredge demonstrated in Philadelphia in 1804. I think that's the one with the paddle.

The Carriage and Old Fire series were produced in detailed plastic. The Carriage line and Old Fire lines have been out of production for years, Brumm only produces car models in die cast metal now. But they are showing up for sale on British ebay.

You Limeys get all the good stuff.


  1. Got to hand it to you Robert, you sure know how to dig up cool items. Good find.

  2. Oh I say, now they are splendid might have to have a punt on those!

    1. I'll be disappointed if you don't get that beautiful four horse carriage Michael.

  3. Very interesting and would look great if you could get one or two to plonk around the table.