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Zombie Incident of 1888 Protagonists WIP

The Zombie Incident of 1888 has become a sprawling project with dozens of characters in fact I'm ending up naming every single figure including the zombies! This is a long running project of mine that has been put on hold several times now do to real life and some temporary project fatigue. Much of its still in my head and not properly jotted down on paper this blog page is an attempt to get my various characters sorted out. This page is primary for my benefit but I hope you'll derive some enjoyment from it.
The Werewolf of London
"It is a little know fact that there where two zombie hordes in London not one. This is because the second horde was destroyed in a single evening by the Werewolf of London. Only the Werewolves' unnatural immortality prevented its destruction at the hands of the horde. Even so the Werewolf was force to retire to a hidden den in Hyde Park where it remained until spring of 1889."
Sister Agnes
Sister Agnes is a Catholic nun who rescues women and children from the zombie infested streets of Whitechapel.  The Mummy

Mummy goes missing from British Museum!
That was the headline of most Sunday London papers one September Sunday in 1888. After the debris of that horrific episode in the life of the world's greatest city it was discovered that one of the British Museum's prized Egyptian mummies was missing. Yes ladies and gentlemen during the height of the zombie incident of 1888 when zombies roamed the Mall an Egyptian mummy disappeared from the British Museum. The puzzled curator never did discover what became of it. Rumors of it walking amongst the dead where of course discounted.
The Bicycling Barrister
Its well know that a barrister's standing in society can be measure by the size of his top hat.

 Buttons the Dog, Jim the Milk Lad & Professor Pratt (wearing his patented audio hat)
 Professor Pratt
The Professor that classic English combination of a public school education, too much wealth and absolutely  nothing of worth to occupy his time. So the crazy old bat invents useless devices for his on person use like his patented audio amplifying hat. 
Fran the Fireman
 Sad Tom the Tinker
The Gentleman from Norwich
A rather affable chap despite his ill favored look often referred to as the "Norwich look" in other parts of the country. He was on a book buying trip when the Zombie Incident breaks out. Despite his loathing for London he urged the Council of Norwich to send aid in the form of the Norwich Volunteers an irregular marine unit raised in Norwich.

Regulars, Irregulars, Militias & Societies

Her Majesty's Rejects
A band of murders, miscreants & freaks press ganged into the service of the Queen by the mysterious crown agent Ms. P.

Norwich Volunteers  
An irregular marine unit formed by the Council of Norwich to aid London. They won the climatic battle of the docks which for all intents and purposes ended the Zombie Incident. The 1,962 civilian survivors of this climatic battle state that the Volunteers steamships as well as their guns are completely silent. These statements are discounted as all 1,962 men, women and children saved have been determined to be insane and they been committed to a state asylum since the incident.

Women's Auxiliary Yachting Club 
A civilian society of young socialites who accompany their menfolk on their yachting excursions. Disgusted by the deplorable state of the London docks they armed themselves with Naval stores and formed themselves into a militia.

Fraternal Order of Angry Men
A club of old men held together by their irrational hatreds of nearly everyone (women, foreigners, liberals, young people, etc...) The members of this club have never been united in anything ever, but zombies wanders high street proved  just too much to stomach. So the club members took to the streets to "do something about this". They are very angry heavily armed misanthropes.

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