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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Statuary Or The Making of a Toff.

Statuary; Toffs love it, the working class wonder at it and the destitute lean against it. Statuary in Victorian London took a decidedly Romanesque turn as the Toffs likened themselves to the Caesars of old. I wanted to capture some of that feel in my London Board with a public street column and a Toff garden. Fortuitously I was offered some spures of 1/72 scale bendy plastics by a fellow blogger. I had access to some old HirstArt fantasy molds the two together equals statues!
This is a Dark Alliance fantasy Amazon mounted on a pillar as my column monument. I realize that this isn't very historically accurate but my post apocalyptic Victorian London will be darker (if that's possible) than the real thing. And she looks damn good up there. The pillar molds contain some sort of runes which will be filled in with milliput so don't worry about them.
More Dark Alliance Amazons and an Atlantic Greek civilian for the Toff garden. I squared off the Amazon bases I think I'll have to do that with the column one too.
This is an Atlantic Greek he is historical but I'm not sure he is right for a column. I do have two of them and they might look better flanking the entrance to a building. Let me know what you guys think. I'm starting a terrain binge for ZI and Frostgrave. Yes Frostgrave I've been bitten by the new & shinny bug and I just can't help it.


Sunday, July 19, 2015

And The Parcels Start Piling Up

What's a wargamer to do when they don't have time for the hobby and they just got a new job? Why buy miniatures of course! Excuse the hurried photos my next major purchases will have to be proper light and a light box. Pictured above are Burke & Hare from the EOTD Westwind line. I couldn't in all conscious claim to have a Gothic Horror collection with out some grave robbers.
The Tong leader from the EOTD Westwind line.
This fierce looking gal will be Miss Amabelle Stuart formerly an officer of the Confederate States of America now living off her families wealth in London during the Zombie Incident of 1888. This is a KS only EOTD figure from Westwind. I acquired a second one because when I see a figure I think of a character and if the figure needs to be converted to fit my character concept then I will do so but the Lunatic, who is anti conversion, impressed upon me how rare the figure is. Some I will paint on as normal and covert the other.
This will be my second copy of this KS only EOTD figure from Westwind the two figures will become The Silk Stockings twin sister assassins employed by the madames of Whitechapel to deal with wealthy customers who are too rough with the girls. Yes you guested it more characters for the Zombie Incident of 1888.  

With this parcel where the KS only EOTD figures for the 50,000 Hits Contest.
 Zombie Sherlock & Dr. Watson
Red the Werewolf Girl
Please Note Blog posts will come out EVERY SUNDAY and if possible WEDNESDAY.
Tiger trying not to be photographed knocking the miniatures off the bed and bedeviling me. You can see her rolling off my bit of card here she's fast but the camera caught her anyway.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

50,000 Hits Contest Preview

 Concept Art for Tom Gaunt Monster Hunter
Today gentle readers I am happy to announce that I have procured a set of Westwind's zombie Sherlock and Dr. Watson to give out as a prize in the 50,000 Hits Contest. These lovely figures where EOTD KS backers only miniatures but with some hard work on FB I was able to buy them from a KS backer in merry olde England who didn't want them!
Concept Art for Zombie Sherlock & Dr. Watson
It was a lucky break dear readers as you'd have to pry mine from my cold dead hands. Tom Gaunt Monster Hunter (pictured above) and Iron Head Kelly (pictured below) are two more KS only figures to be given away in this contest.
Concept Art for Iron Head Kelly
Hopefully I'll have hobby progress to report next Saturday.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Yes gentle readers there is light at the end of the tunnel and I expect normal hobby time to resume this weekend or next. I've just began a new 9 to 5  on Monday this job change is the last of the major real life issues disrupting hobby time.

So what's next?
 Zombie Incident of 1888
More Zombie Incident of 1888 astute readers will note some new Zombie Incident of 1888 pages on the blog; ZI protagonists and Zi Endorsements. The endorsements page are comments valued readers have made which have spurred me on with this project. The ZI Protagonists page is a list of characters I've created for the Zombie Incident of 1888. Since I first thought of this project in May 2013 I've thought of so many bit players in this drama that I'm beginning to have trouble keeping them all straight in my head.  This page is a WIP list of these characters it is by no means complete nor do I think it ever will be so long as I'm working on this project. This page will be updated monthly so drop by every now and again as will the original ZI page.

Reaper Bones
I've acquired half a dozen of these plastic figures from Reaper (they are all over the place here in the US) and I will eventually post a guide on how to paint them once I've found the best method.

Star Wars
I've placed a new job celebratory miniatures order of OOP Wizards of the Coast WOTC pre-painted plastic collectible Star Wars figures. 33 will arrive by the end of this week.

There will be another contest sometime in September. Last year I decided to hold a giveaway contest once the blog generates 50,000 hits. I expect to reach that point in early Fall. In anticipation of this I have set aside a few KS backers only EOTD figures and I'm looking for some more interesting giveaway prizes. This contest will be a little different (astute readers will note I'm incapable doing things the usual way) only current followers will be eligible, i.e. people who became followers before we hit the 50,000 hits mark. Once the 50,000 hits mark is reached I'll post the prizes and randomly generate the winning numbers so if you want in follow before the 50,000 hits mark. 

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Independence Day!

Turn of the 19th Century celebration.

Independence Day also know at the 4th of July is America's very first holiday it celebrates the Continental Congress' official adoption of the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration was the colonies written statement telling King George to get stuffed.