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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Statuary Or The Making of a Toff.

Statuary; Toffs love it, the working class wonder at it and the destitute lean against it. Statuary in Victorian London took a decidedly Romanesque turn as the Toffs likened themselves to the Caesars of old. I wanted to capture some of that feel in my London Board with a public street column and a Toff garden. Fortuitously I was offered some spures of 1/72 scale bendy plastics by a fellow blogger. I had access to some old HirstArt fantasy molds the two together equals statues!
This is a Dark Alliance fantasy Amazon mounted on a pillar as my column monument. I realize that this isn't very historically accurate but my post apocalyptic Victorian London will be darker (if that's possible) than the real thing. And she looks damn good up there. The pillar molds contain some sort of runes which will be filled in with milliput so don't worry about them.
More Dark Alliance Amazons and an Atlantic Greek civilian for the Toff garden. I squared off the Amazon bases I think I'll have to do that with the column one too.
This is an Atlantic Greek he is historical but I'm not sure he is right for a column. I do have two of them and they might look better flanking the entrance to a building. Let me know what you guys think. I'm starting a terrain binge for ZI and Frostgrave. Yes Frostgrave I've been bitten by the new & shinny bug and I just can't help it.


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