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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

London Board- Some Progress.

I've managed to over common some minor camera issues and can now post photos of the other two blocks in progress alluded to here.

First up is the church purchased at the railroad shop. Its been primed grey and it looks better all ready. It will get a full on paint job soon. The church is getting a field stone pavement and wooden flooring for the interior. The interior will have pews and an alter glued to the floor. The church is one piece with a hollow interior so the church will simply be placed on top of the interior affixed to the base. The 1" areas at the edge of the block bases are for the side walks. More information on that in the future. Yes we have a plan for that hopefully it will work as planed.

Next up is the rustic Inn block. The Inn was actually constructed years ago using the GW terrain book they used to put out in the 1990s. It was part of a now defunct Mordheim project. Its not Victorian, but I like it and felt it deserved a second chance at life. We need to fix the roof & chimney and add gutters and a rain barrel in the front. I'm going to landscape the block base on which it sits with dirt and grass. It will most likely be moved to the country board in the future. This building was constructed from cardboard so I textured the cardboard walls with liquid green stuff that's what gives the walls the green color. I got the idea from this video.