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Monday, August 31, 2015

Star Wars Beasts! Action Fleet Toys.

This is the Galoob Action Fleet toy that came packaged with the black speeder from last post it appears in the expanded edition of the New Hope. (original Star Wars movie) This animal is used by a Jawa to haul freight and will make useful terrain.
With Ric the Rodian for scale.
This it a Bantha ridden by a Tuskin Raider. This picture includes Ric the Rodian for scale. The Action Fleet Bantha has dolls hair glued on its back under the saddle. So if you have one of those little toy pony combs you could comb your Bantha. Besides the hair the other issue this toys has are feet whole in the Bantha's which don't look right. In addition to removing the hair I'll have to re-position the rider and fill in the back holes, But on the plus side he's awfully cute.
The Bantha is packaged with Luke's speeder.
This is a Dewback a creature native to Tatooine used by sand troopers. The sandt rooper rider is too small about 20mm and thus I'll have to replace him. Again Ric the Rodian is in the picture for scale. The Dewback is packaged with the escape pod R2D2 and C3PO use to land on Tatooine.

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