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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Requiem Gentlemen with Guns Set

Gentlemen With Guns Set

Here are photos of the Gentlemen With Guns Set, a set of reinforcements for the Gentlemen faction. I would have liked to see more of these reinforcement sets in the KS. The special characters are lovely to see, but for me EotD is all about growing your faction through play and more sets like this for other factions like the Lycons would have been good. These figures have not been cleaned or anything so you can see how clean the castings are. There is very little flash  and when there is its what you would expect. I'm very happy with these figures they are just what I expected and they do not disappoint. I do however have to point out that once many of the KS miniatures are primed you will notice some pitting on the supposed to be smooth areas. These areas might require some clean up/filling.

First up is a Gent in Evening wear with a Man portable Gatling Gun and goggles.
 Next up a Gent in suit and bowler hat with the aforementioned Man Portable Gatling Gun. It's nice to have clothing options!
Gent with shotgun. I plan on adding him to "the Queen's Dinner Party" my Sons of the Empire faction as Mr. John Brown.
Wild looking bearded Gent with Volley Gun.
Gentlemen in half cape and bowler hat with Repeating Rifle. I plan on adding him to "the Queen's Dinner Party" as one of the Queen's special branch bodyguards.

Well that's all of the five gentlemen in this set. Again I apologize for the bad pictures, but I'm happy to say I've gotten a replacement camera off ebay so the quality of the photos will improve dramatically.

As most everyone has now received their Requiem KS packages I'm no longer going to post raw photos like this, I'll post work in progress or painted figures from now on.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Zomtober Week 4

"During the Zombie Incident of 1888 survivors spoke of being rescued from the hungry dead by a mysterious nun"  

Sister Agnes, Zombie Hunter

Sister Agnes is a conversion of the Reaper Cronoscope Sister Maria Nun by Patrick Keith order her from Reaper through this link here Sister Maria, Nun. For the conversion I cut off the pointing hand and replaced both hands with a brace of revolvers from  Heresy Miniatures.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Zomtober Week 3

This Gentlemen Zombie is fashionably late to the Zomtober party. Can you still be a Gentleman once you've become a zombie? Anyway he is a rush job as I agonized over of all things, his waistcoat.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Zomtober Week 2

Lady Zombie

OK ladies & Gentlemen The Fiends in Waistcoats are back in the game! Meet Lady Zombie once a rather respectable society lady until her sordid reanimation. She is another of the lovely models in the West Wind EotD Zombie box set. She hasn't been varnished yet and the ink on her dress has shown up rather shiny in the photos, sorry for that.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Shocking Crime, A Grown Man in Tears..

This is the situation which confronted me earlier this evening when I received a frantic call from Lunatic R.  He awoke on a train with his backpack open and his brand new EotD Special Branch 666 faction set missing!!! Good God man everyone on both shores know that public transport is swarming with scurrilous villains desperate for West Winds new KS miniatures.
Fortunately this story has a happy ending, the miniatures where not in the picked back back pocket but another. I can report that they are safe, but this incident illustrates how important it is to keep you KS miniatures safe.

I haven't forgotten Zomtober, I've been painting away as conditions permit. I'll be uploading Lady Zombie belatedly in the morning and Lord Zombie will be posted on Sunday. For my readers who may have forgotten my current flat conditions here is a visual reminder.
You can learn more about this here.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Requiem Vampire Slayers Set

The Requiem Vampire Slayers Set, like the 221 B Baker Street Set is not EotD faction set its a set of book characters in this case characters form Dracula. These are great figures for collectors and players alike. Again these are straight out of the box, no clean up what so ever. Now to the figures:
Lucy Westenra the victim who became a vampire consort, called "the lost love" in the set.
Mina Murray Jonathan's fiance and Dracula's victim, called "the fallen woman" in this set.
 Jonathan Harker Mina's fiancee and Dracula's solicitor, called simply "Jonathan" in the set.
Van Helsing the famous vampire hunter know as "professor van" in this set.
Arthur Holmwood the son of Lord Godlaming and one of Miss Lucy's suitors, he's called "Lord Godlaming" in this set.
Quincey Morris the Texan suitor of miss Lucy, called simply "Quincey" in this set.
Dr. John Seward  is the administrator of an insane asylum not far from Dracula’s English home and is Van Helsing's former pupil, he is called "Dr. Seward" in this set.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Zomtober Week 1

Sorry I don't have any painted figures for this week, my EotD Requiem coverage has continued into Zomtober. I received my Requiem package from the post literally this afternoon. But I now have in my hands the zombie Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson.
And the greatest Victorian Zombie Hunter of all time The Queen herself!!! She will command the most upper crust group of zombie hunters who ever lived "The Queen's Dinner Party".

I hope to have some painted zombies for you next week.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Requiem KS photo bonanza! Special Characters & Bobbie Set pt2

MY Requiem package hasn't arrived yet, that damned postmen! So instead of flying into  murderous rage, I've rifled through Lunatic R.'s parcel again causing him to fly into a protective rage. Once the dust had cleared I'd managed to come away with more photographs of the brand new KS miniatures, which I will share with you my readers.

Again these figures have not been cleaned up nor based, they are as they came in the package. The pictures are a little hurried but I think they will give you an idea of the beauty of the sculpts. We will begin with the Special Characters that Lunatic R. ordered, the KS offered a huge number of individual miniatures to choose from in the KS, there are only a handful here as one could choose sets or individuals in your order and sets won out. His first 3 choices where characters from the wildly popular comic "The Extraordinary League of Gentlemen" Alan Quartermain, Captain Nemo and The Invisible Man.

Alan Quartermain
The Invisible Man
Captain Nemo
You can see how much influence the comic had on these figures. Next up the steam cannon operator:

Now for individual shots of the Bobbies Set first posted here.

So this is the whole set in pictures. Lunatic R. has fallen in love with these bobbies so much that he is putting aside his Brotherhood faction to begin a Special Branch 666 faction using the Special Branch 666 Set found here, the Bobbies Set and the Constable in Perambulator Boots pictured below.
He is now ready to create a fantastic Special Branch Faction, so now I'll have to beef up my vampires to match his supernatural policemen!

That's it for Requiem news from me at least until my package arrives. Next I'll begin my Zomtober 2013 posts.