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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Requiem KS photo bonanza! Special Characters & Bobbie Set pt2

MY Requiem package hasn't arrived yet, that damned postmen! So instead of flying into  murderous rage, I've rifled through Lunatic R.'s parcel again causing him to fly into a protective rage. Once the dust had cleared I'd managed to come away with more photographs of the brand new KS miniatures, which I will share with you my readers.

Again these figures have not been cleaned up nor based, they are as they came in the package. The pictures are a little hurried but I think they will give you an idea of the beauty of the sculpts. We will begin with the Special Characters that Lunatic R. ordered, the KS offered a huge number of individual miniatures to choose from in the KS, there are only a handful here as one could choose sets or individuals in your order and sets won out. His first 3 choices where characters from the wildly popular comic "The Extraordinary League of Gentlemen" Alan Quartermain, Captain Nemo and The Invisible Man.

Alan Quartermain
The Invisible Man
Captain Nemo
You can see how much influence the comic had on these figures. Next up the steam cannon operator:

Now for individual shots of the Bobbies Set first posted here.

So this is the whole set in pictures. Lunatic R. has fallen in love with these bobbies so much that he is putting aside his Brotherhood faction to begin a Special Branch 666 faction using the Special Branch 666 Set found here, the Bobbies Set and the Constable in Perambulator Boots pictured below.
He is now ready to create a fantastic Special Branch Faction, so now I'll have to beef up my vampires to match his supernatural policemen!

That's it for Requiem news from me at least until my package arrives. Next I'll begin my Zomtober 2013 posts.