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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Requiem Update Special Branch 666 in the metal

Here is the Special Branch 666 faction Set in the metal. They have not been cleaned or anything so you can see how clean the castings are. There is very little flash  and when there is its what you would expect. I'm very happy with these figures they are just what I expected and they do not disappoint. These figures mix well with the Bobbies Set ( A set I hope to show in a day or two) giving the player a variety of weapon options ranging from nightstick to netgun.  Please excuse the hurried and rather poor nature of these photos I hod only a few minutes to photograph these and my camera gave out. I grabbed and Iphone, I've never photographed miniatures with an Iphone its harder than you might think.

Here is the whole set in one shot.
The inspector front
There seems to be a slight defect on his coat near the left knee.
The inspector back

Armed Constables front & back
The veteran Sergeant front & back, he as a Mad Max like pose that I just love.
The netgun front & back, this is the first figure with this weapon, I really like the design.

The constable with "the equalizer" front & back
And finally the Police Dog, I am in love with this figure and now I want to field this guy!
 I hope you guys are finding these "in the Metal" posts helpful in relieving your waiting for the postmen jitters or at least interesting. Please post comments below to let me know if you do, or don't.
I have one more to post on the "Bobbies Set" later in the week.

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