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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Requiem Vampire Slayers Set

The Requiem Vampire Slayers Set, like the 221 B Baker Street Set is not EotD faction set its a set of book characters in this case characters form Dracula. These are great figures for collectors and players alike. Again these are straight out of the box, no clean up what so ever. Now to the figures:
Lucy Westenra the victim who became a vampire consort, called "the lost love" in the set.
Mina Murray Jonathan's fiance and Dracula's victim, called "the fallen woman" in this set.
 Jonathan Harker Mina's fiancee and Dracula's solicitor, called simply "Jonathan" in the set.
Van Helsing the famous vampire hunter know as "professor van" in this set.
Arthur Holmwood the son of Lord Godlaming and one of Miss Lucy's suitors, he's called "Lord Godlaming" in this set.
Quincey Morris the Texan suitor of miss Lucy, called simply "Quincey" in this set.
Dr. John Seward  is the administrator of an insane asylum not far from Dracula’s English home and is Van Helsing's former pupil, he is called "Dr. Seward" in this set.

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