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Monday, May 27, 2013

Trip to the Model Railroad Store

Lunatic R. and I to a trip to the last Model Railroad store in Manhattan it’s in a basement crammed floor to ceiling with stuff. O scale is the model railroad scale to corresponds to 28mm.  This shop also sells a large number of scale model military kits. Our mission was to find items for the London board, specifically brick pattern plastic card sheets. We spent an hour or so searching through dusty corners and looking through the top most shelves we achieved success! We found sheets of 3 different brick patterns that we are happy with. You’ll see these in the future on streets and buildings of the London board.

Lunatic R. found this manor wall plastic kit.

The kit came with 2 sprues of street lights, lanterns, and what I think are iron gates. None of these parts are listed in the one sheet instructions so I guessing at some of that.

This is a 1/32 military scenery kit by the company MiniArt. If anyone knows what these parts are for please let me know. The mystery parts not withstanding this is a great kit.

 I found this little beauty.

This is the Plasticville cathedral from Bachman. It is available as a kit or fully assembled.


  1. oooo nice on both counts! I wonder if the iron gates on the sprue are meant to go on the wall as engraving?

    1. Your guess is as good as any. There aren't enough panels to cover all the wall sections. They aren't pictured in the instructions and the instructions are in Polish anyway.

  2. Some cracking finds there, that church is particularly fine!

  3. Yes it is, I saw it early on and spent the rest of the trip clutching it to my chest. It will get a proper paint job and colored acetate for stained glass windows.