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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Busy Bees, Readers Products

Joe5mc of The Renaissance Troll is the author of Osprey's new fantasy skirmish game Frostgrave. The wargaming community has been looking for a good fantasy skirmish game (at least I have) for some time now this could be it. The frozen city setting takes this away from a run of the mill D&D clone. Northstar is producing a line of figures for Frostgrave the first figure sculpted by Mark Copplestone is pictured above.
Roebeast of Roebeast's Magical House of Sunshine is having his third kickstarter campaign Trash Bash Bits. Trash Bash Bits very simply offers cheap sci-fi doors for your terrain builds. There are 5 designs on offer ranging from retro sci-fi to Judge Dred and with pledge levels as low as $9 & $15 US how could you not pledge? Now I'm not a big KS promoter I'm a little off KS after the EOTD KS but Roebeast has run two previous zombie themed KS in the past so I feel I can recommend this.

TheBigRedBat of TheBigRedBatCave is releasing To The Strongest v1.1 his ancient & medieval rules system in a new glossy book. UK readers may have been lucky enough to see or perhaps even participate in one of the many demonstration games Simon has put on. If you haven't search him out at Salute and share a biscuit with him.

Last but not least Millsy of Canister and Grape and Wargame BloggersQuarterly fame has started offering commission design and layout services to the gaming community. The beautiful design & layout of Simon's new To The Strongest book is his work.
So if your are looking to put out your own game you might want to look Millsy up.

Finally I'd like to welcome a new follower Imarthil of Kuznia Imarthil who is following through Google+. 

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