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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Tale of Two Scales

Early test figure from 6 years ago?
My first ever entry into wargaming was with my collection of 1/72nd scale Arifix figures and model vehicles, yes dear readers I played ww2 in 20mm with some high school friends Command Decision I think it was. 20mm has remained to this day, due entirely to the plethora of plastic 1/72 kits, the best scale to play ww2 games in. Now I'm but a poor city apartment dweller so the largest playing field I can muster is 4'x4' perfect for skirmish games, but not good for larger 28mm games. I want to do some www2 games with a number of vehicles impracticable in 28mm but possible with a 4'x4' board in 20mm. So I will be dividing my weird ww2 antics into 2 different scales, 28mm for small Hellboy skirmishes with the Artizan, heroclix & Dust Tactics figures; larger battles with 1/72nd scale plastic figures & kits.
Can I really do Weird WW2 in 20mm you ask? Here is a my 20mm Kriegaffe again by Monsterpocalypse. Looks like the right size to me.
I can use my DC android toy for both scales.
The infantry are mounted on 20mm magnetic square bases they give a nice weight to the plastic figures. Now I'm notorious for storing my miniatures haphazardly but this time I decided to make some do-it-yourself storage boxes for the infantry. Cheap plastic fishing tackle boxes form K-mart with metal washers glued on. The infantry will be very snug in these.