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Monday, October 19, 2015

Zombtober 2015 Week 3 A day late but hopefully not a dollar short...

Live by the cross.... well he didn't die from one but not for lack of trying. (Sorry Padre) The Padre miniature by Lead Bones.
Bob was an actuary for a life insurance company a statistical annalist. The sheer statistical improbability of a zombie apocalypse broke his mind. Now its Bob and his trusty ginsu knife (guaranteed for a lifetime) against the chaos. (Bob is a Hasselfree figure I started painting back in 2009. I still feel I got him wrong especially the face. I might do him over again some day.)

Astute readers will notice I missed a week of Zombtober I hope to make it up in the beginning of November.

This is a smuggled phone photo of the Lunatic and I using our super high tech ATZ table planning method at his lair. Don't tell anyone.