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Friday, May 31, 2013

The Painting Backlog

My backlog of figures to paint for Empire of the Dead.
(Note this list does not include the Requiem figures or future purchases.)

  30 West Wind Productions (gentlemen, zombies and werewolves, special characters)
13 Reaper (vampires, artifacts, ghost & assorted henchmen)
4 Horrclix (wolf & special characters)
5 Ral Partha (vampires, dog, zombie, civilian)
3 Lead Bones (zombies)
11 Games Workshop/Citadel (artifact, bats, wolf, vampire, wolfskin)
1 Wyrd Miniature (special character)
1 Heresy Miniature (vampire)
2 Hasselfree Minatures (children)
2 RAFM (objective markers)

Once combined with the Requiem figures I’ll have 6 factions complete with upgrades.
(1 Werewolf, 2 Gentlemen, 2 Vampire, zombie mob)

Lunatic R.’s Painting Backlog

9 West Wind Productions (brotherhood, special character)
5 Wyrd Miniatures (zombie prostitutes, character)
1 Reaper (knight Marshall)
1 Privateer Press (character)
17 Ral Partha Ravenloft (angry mob, gypsies)

Once combined with the Requiem figures he’ll have 3 factions complete with upgrades, plus the figures needed for the escape of the Peelers scenario.
(1 Brotherhood, 2 Gentlemen Vampire Hunters, 1 Special Branch, the mob)

So you can see we will have 9 complete factions and numerous special characters to build an EotD gaming group with.

Sadly we still have more to purchase. We need civilians and lots more period zombies. Also Lunatic R. wants to create an all lady Gentlemen club.

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