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Friday, May 10, 2013

Vehicle Research

I was worried about the rubber tires on the delivery/dairy vans I got in the mail. So I did a little goggle research last night. I found that dairy vans from the 30 to 50's used those style tires. That explains the 30-50s styles plastic figures I got with them.
Pictured here is a 1948 American dairy van with those style wheels.

I now have my delivery van reference at least most of it. I want some better signage reference before I try to do the sign on the side. I love the large wheel in the back look. It also raises the van higher than the rubber tires, I like that too. Fortunately for me the omnibus has just the wheels I want for my delivery van.

I've found some omnibus pictures as well. I think they are fantastic.

Most of the pictures I found where small so they aren't so sharp when blown up. They do show a number of important details like the driver's blanket, where the advertisements where placed and the scale of the bus. I can't wait to get one of the West Wind omnibuses now. It will be a major project for me though. I'd have to acquire a bunch of seated passengers. I'd feel the need to place passengers seated at the windows of the bus and a number on top. I love the crowed look to the bus in the sepia tone picture.

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