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Monday, May 20, 2013

A Look At The Work Table 3 & Declaration Of Intent

As you may have notice I've been changing some things around. I'm happy with the picture but I fear my description "Victorian Phantasmagoria" can't be read. I'm happy with the post background color but not the general background color. I'll try another round of graphic changes in the near future. Please free to chime out when you notice a color combination you like.

I've been inspired to offer up some prizes to my readers, nothing fancy mind you, I've decided I can offer up one of my Liedo milk delivery vans, a Malifaux blister and some other odds & sodds laying around the flat. I was inspired to do this by the very generous Tamsin P from Wargaming Girl.
WELL before I can do that I'll need to add a subscription thingy. I know I have to add a 3rd party code to blogger for that, but as of yet I haven't figured out where to get it or how to set it up. If anyone would like to help me out you can email

I realize that this has been a very boring update so far so let's take a peak at the work table. First up the Horrorclix zombie puppeteer quick repaint.

I have several other Horrorclix figures but the will get a full re-paint as opposed to the touch-up this one got.
West Wind zombies in various stages of completion. The shuffling lads & lassies will do double duty as the minions of  Alasdair Sinister and the Sinister Six, my hellfire club gang, and as members of the shambling horde in "The Zombie Incident of 1889".

The Ghoul King, he was a very successful gang leader during our Mordheim days. We used a different figure during our games. I converted this one at the end of our Mordheim period thinking we would start again. I have a bunch of painted GW old school ghouls to go with him. But they are all dressed like Tarzan so I'm working up a Victorian gang for him.

So just to be clear gentle readers I'm working on two versions of Empire of the Dead; A regular campaign featuring Alasdair Sinister and the Sinister Six (hellfire club), Lunatic R's Brotherhood, The Ghoul King (Vampire gang), as of yet unnamed Gentleman's club and I believe The Werewolves of London.

 And I'm working on "The Zombie Incident of 1889" a zombie apocalypse campaign.  Now to portray this properly we will need to play totally different factions. Apocalypse type ones! So far I have " The Ladies Auxiliary Yachting Club" (made up of those lovely Hinterland Sailor girls), and the "Fraternal Order of Angry Men". 

Yes gentle readers in time, perhaps a very long time, each faction once finished will be displayed here with their accompanying biography.

If you've read all the way though this mad late night ramble I salute you!



  1. Hi Robert,

    I like the browns, but as you have seen on my own blog, the darker the better.

    If you want to continue to use the top-image, you should either grate it with a brownish color - use Photoshop - or make sure that the font color is more in contrast to the image color.

    Lastly I would make sure that the width of the image match the three columns of content you have.

    If you don't have photoshop, mail me the original image and I'll help you.

  2. Ohh and I would always make the background darker than the content area.

  3. Sounds good, yeah darker background lighter text works for me. Easier on the eyes :D

  4. I'm pretty much in agreement with Kaspar and with regards to flowers there should be a widget you can add in the layout section of your blog.

  5. Comments from all three wise men no less. I'll take them to heart.