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Friday, June 21, 2013

The Trouble With Scale

Consider this a cautionary tale. One of the main problems with making buildings from scratch is making them in the proper scale. Scale is the Bugbear every hobbyist has to contended with at one time or another. This is the tragedy of a building constructed out of scale. Lunatic R. found a photograph of the iconic Victorian terrace and used it to create this building. The building is beautiful. As you can see he used the foamcore foam without the paper, you can buy it like that, he painstakingly carved the brickwork into the foam. but... Its just too big, out of scale for 28mm. Its enormous and won't fit on our pre-measured "block bases". Notice the Malifaux figure next to the building, this figure has a huge "mad hatter' style top hat and yet its still smaller than the windows or doorway. Notice how it dwarfs the O scale church, its a tragedy of gigantic proportions.

As you can see with the West Wind figure in the last picture no real scale reference was used to build this. We used to use the old GW scale references to construct building but those are off.I'm going to need to find a good method of scaling buildings.


  1. Yeah I did something similar when I made some cheap card cottages. They look ok but there not to scale at all lol.

    I think once painted I don't think it would look to amiss on the table its still a fine effort. Perhaps the windows could be infilled to make them slightly smaller and then perhaps re-class the building as a large Townhouse/small mansion.

  2. As Simon said, refill doors and windows and re-do. You might be able to make this a three story building... For my current building I have allowed 6cm per level, which is based on westwind figures on their bases and recalling the high ceilings popular with the Victorian era architects... best of luck

  3. Ah, botheration! It is too well constructed not to adapt, but it does rather dwarf the church!

    1. Doesn't! I want to reuse much of it by cutting it in half. We'll see what can be done with it.