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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen Your Attention Please.

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This past weekend's post the zombie incident of 1888 and its effect on the great Occult War was a quick sketch of a much larger concept boiling over in my mind. It was a stream of consciousness outpouring, I had a busy weekend I had gone to the Lunatic's on Sunday with my new Warlord Brits
& assorted bits to cobble together some more zombies. Unbeknownst to me the Lunatic was in the middle of re-organizing his flat, packing crates were everywhere, the Lunatic produced a copy of Zombicide and proceeded to set it up on a pile of packing crates (I kid you not). He demanded we play so we did. When I got home late that evening I realized that A) I missed my Wednesday post and B) I failed to take any pictures for Sundays post an F followed by a couple of other letters escaped my lips I sat in front of the computer and you know the rest.

 What It Will Be
This project wouldn't be yet another wargaming system but a ready made background for use in your own weird war campaigns. This would be a source book for wargamers to play games set during the Great Occult War or the Zombie Incident of 1888 a gritty dark alternate world history crawling with zombies, elder races and shadowy occult powers covering the late Victorian and Edwardian periods. So this will be a book full of background fluff; maps, historical timelines, descriptions of the nations, races, technical discoveries and pivotal battles which make up the Great Occult War. There will be chapters on zombie outbreaks, how to model the minions of the great occult powers and how to represent the units of the nations of the Great Occult War in several different game systems.
The Problem
If I want to produce this supplement for horror and VSF gamers the world over I can't keep blabbing about it here on blogger for various reasons its not copyright safe.
The Second Problem
As some of you may know I'm in extreme debt since my life threatening accident of last year I am now finally able to walk & work again but I have to devout every waking hour to paying off my debt.
A) We can all forget my last post and you guys can be pleasantly surprised when I produce a finish product several years from now
B) Open a Patreon channel for it. This is my preferred option because if I'm say earning $10 an hour for the hours I work on the project each month I can continue the project while paying towards my debts, as opposed to putting it aside while I focus on pay down the debts. Patreon is preferred because I can return value for money immediately by producing timelines, historical antidotes and short stories in a copyright secure way for the people who donate to the feed. So no grand Kickstarter promises. Admittedly backing a feed like this will end up costing more than a $20 PDF but if a feed like this was undertaken it would be to produce a entertaining Great Occult War gazette publishing far more material than any single PDF could ever hold. 

I have added a poll at the top of the blog please participate let me know if you are interested in backing a project like this.
Please note I'm not giving up this blog I just can't put anymore of that Great Occult War stuff on hear.