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Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Zombie Incident of 1888 and Its Effect on the Great Occult War.

Brussels Zombie Outbreak 1907
The Zombie Incident of 1888 preceded the Great Occult War by nine years it is considered by some scholars to be the opening salvo of the twelve year long world conflict know as the Great Occult War. The origins of the Great Occult War can be found in the Brussels Zombie Outbreak of 1907. Unlike the Zombie Incident of 1888 the Belgian government was unable to contain the outbreak. 
 Anti-Zombie militia Belgium 1907 
France sends troops to Belgium to help the King eradicate the Zombie menace.
 French Cuirassiers departing for Belgium.
The combined French and Belgian force successfully puts down the zombie outbreak a year later. Belgium's beleaguered King accuses Great Britain of engineering the zombie outbreak. By 1908 the great European powers had been engaged, for a number of years, in a jingoistic arms race against each other. Each empire was certain that they will be eventually attacked by another.  The king of Belgium's anguished accusations took root in France's paranoid parliament, had their historical enemy England developed an "Occult' weapon? France mobilized here armies and called up all reservists placing all of Europe on the edge of a knife.
 France Mobilizes
Diplomatic relations between Great Britain and France rapidly deteriorated culminating in the November 16th 1908 declaration of war against Great Britain by France. Not since the days of Nelson have the navies of Great Britain and France clashed so fiercely.
The sinking of the HMS Defiance
 Only the timely intervention of the Kaiser in 1909 on the side of Great Britain saved England from a successful French invasion.
Germany enters the war on the side of Great Britain
 German's intervention sparks a world conflagration in which engulfs all remaining empires in a world wide modern war. Russia and Italy ally with France against Great Britain and Germany, the Austrian-Hungry Empire allies its self with Germany but is mired in a major war with the Ottoman Empire and several Balkan states. By 1910 Europe is carpeted with warring armies.
British troops man assault ships during the Battle of Calais
In 1911 zombie outbreaks begin to appear all over Europe with alarming regularity and without any apparent cause or pattern a situation which continues to the present day.
Major zombie outbreak Warsaw
History books record the first revelations of the Great Occult Powers to have begun at this time*. This war and the emergence of the Great Occult Powers are the catalyst that creates the world in which we live today.  

* Great Britain had entered into it's pact with a Great Occult Power in 1889 over a decade before France or Germany entered into their pacts but this was not know outside of an inner circle of government ministers at the time.