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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Not Really a Horde More Like a Crowd

 As you can see 16 figures is not much of a horde and most of it remains unpainted to boot. I have a handful more of unbased zombies in the bins but I'll have to acquire many more before they resemble anything that can be called a true horde. So far the "horde' consists of Westwind, Lead Bones, Studio, Wyrd and Horrorclix figures.
ATZ is a game of characters not factions in ATZ players play a "star" character who leads an ever shifting band of "grunts", other survivors who look to the "star" for leadership or even hope through the zombie Apocalypse.  So with this in mind I've been gathering a cast for the Zombie Incident of 1888 which will include; Her Majesty, the Great Detective and the Dr., the Gentleman from Norwich, Sister Agnes Zombie Hunter, Sir Francis, the dog Buttons, Jim the milk lad, the White Rabbit, Roundhouse Ray the Prizefighter and Professor Pratt just to name a few. Some of the characters mentioned about will be heroes others villains while more will be innocent bystanders or victims if you prefer. I want this project to be a showcase of sorts of the Gothic Horror/Steam Punk miniatures I've been collecting for the past 2 years so the Werewolf of London and other oddities will make appearances in the game.
Left to right the dog Buttons, Jim the milk lad, Professor Pratt.

New Members
More new members Sander of "mon cher Alava, Marmont est perdu!" and "Modus Reg Magni Momenti" and Navin of The Painted Figs Projects Blog. These new member welcomes so far haven't included all of you lovelys following with that newfangled Google + thingy like Evan, Millsy, Darrell, Ray, Paul, and so many others but I welcome you all as well. I haven't been paying much attention to this Google + thing but I promise to use the +1 button in the future. 

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