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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Warlord Games British Line Infantry Circa 1879

My Warlord British Line Infantry arrived I haven't had a chance to assemble any yet as I've worked the weekend through. I can give you my initial impressions of this box set. These are my first Warlord/Empress miniatures I've ever owned so I wasn't sure what I would get. What I got was 20 plastic and 4 metal miniatures of good quality. However I did not get any of the customizable options I have come to expect from a plastic miniature kit so that was very disappointing. The kit contains 4 trees exactly the same. No other company (Gripping Beast, GW, Perry Bros, Wargames Factory) does this and had I known that I would not have bought this kit.
Now if your don't like arsing about with plastic figures and you want a company in two lines like this picture on the back of the box then this kit is for you.

The four Empress metal command figures are full of flash which was disappointing. I haven't had flash on a miniature I've purchased for many years now and I by from many companies; Reaper, Westwind, Hasselfree, Black Scorpion, Wyrd, GW, Ral Partha and Foundry so Empress won't get high marks from me. The sculpted details are nice so they may prove to be nice figures once I put the work it but again why do I have to put that work in?  I would have much preferred a plastic command options tree in place of the metal figures but then that's just my personal preference.
So lets recap, if you want the company pictured above buy this set, if you are looking for skirmish figures for this period or want Victorian soldiers to steampunk up this isn't the kit for you. There will be a lot of hobby saw work for me in the future with these figures.

Some of you my be wondering how I purchased this set after reading my financial woes in my last post I sold some Osprey books (gasp) to make this purchase.

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