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Sunday, August 17, 2014

As slow as a shambler

Work on the horde and associated characters for The Zombie Incident of 1888 is moving slower than a shambler but there is some small progress. As you may have noticed I'm trying to clean up, convert & based  all the figures I've got earmarked for this project so far that's 40+. Hopefully things will start speeding up (or at least look like they are) once I've gotten some of these ready for priming. And I'm going to need to get a move on as I've just placed an order for the Warlord Games Plastic box set.
24 more figures for use in zombie conversions and some as anti-zombie forces which will need to be cleaned up, converted & based!!!!
This is the bride from the Studio Miniatures "Till Death Us Do Part" set she is getting her dress Victorianized (Yup made a new word.) the bustle is beginning to shape up, I need to do something with the veil though maybe give her one of those tiny hats? Well what do you think of the progress?
Mr Cross in the back is by the irrepressible scallywags of Lead Bones he's a modern vicar get the joke?  I think with a slight re-sculpt of the collar I can paint him up as a laborer (no offense Padre).
Zombie Nun also by Lead Bones no conversion needed.
Little boy zombie from the same Studio Miniatures "Till Death Us Do Part" set. You can never have enough zombie children in a horde.
The "Hopper" is a leftover from a long defunct project he is a "Hanged Man" ghost(?) figure from Wyrd Miniatures originally he was floating above the earth but I bent the feet so that he's now hopping along as it where. He is all tied up and still has a noose around his neck maybe someone took the law into their own hands and tried to end his life before they realized he was all ready dead? There is a story in it somewhere when I find it I'll let you know. Stay tuned for more progress next Sunday.

This blog isn't even 2 years old yet but its now over 20,000 hits this is due entirely to all you nice people following my miscue efforts. This blog would have most certainly been abandoned were it not for those of you who post comments so thank you. And speaking of thank yous I'd like to give a warm thank very much to all these Google Plus followers who I haven't thanked before:
Julia Morgan, Congtan Huynh, CJ Kilbride, Tom Candlin, Matt Eastwood, Kevon Downs, Fred Jackson, James Baldwin, Stephan K, Bullcher Feb, Ken Reilly, Mark G, Danny Jeurissen, Shay O'Shea, Uber Toten, Alexander Noorlander and Thrym of Thrym's Table now on the blog roll her at Feinds in Waistcoats.  I suspect that even with this new list I've overlooked someone if that is the case I'm sorry.

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