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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Progress in Fits & Starts

You might be wondering just what it is your looking at right now, you are looking my home made zombie feasting markers. Yes these markers will denote zombies feasting on human flesh in progress in ATZ viewing such a thing will cause civilian characters to make a Rep test. As you can see they are made from Horrorclix vampire & victim figures on my home made street bases.

I'd also like to welcome three more new readers who are following with Goggle + Rune Heart of the German language blog Game Department, Roy Williamson of the Paint Table Satuday  Google community, I wasn't aware it had become a community, and Pat G. who is a member of the Google community Adventures in the East Mark I couldn't find a blog associated with you Pat (other than your wife's) so if you have on let me know. Welcome dear readers!

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