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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Fiends in Waistcoats Guide to Victorian Zombie Miniatures


As you are now doubt aware of my Victorian zombie project and many of you may like Bob The Zombie Dude's (hope you like your new title Bob) wonder how will I get "Victorian" zombies?
I thought I'd take a moment to show you dear readers the growing number of Victorian Zombie miniatures on the market today. Now I'm qualifying "zombie miniature" as the classic shambler type there are a number of armed undead cowboy miniatures on the market but they don't fit my zombie definition so they are not included here. I'll update this when more figures become commercially available over time.
Westwind Productions
EOTD Victorian Zombies(metal) 
There are 10 in the box though only 7 are pictured on the back of the box) 
 Hinterland Miniatures
  Zombie Hussars (metal)
Wyrd Games
Rotten Belles Dead Ladies of the Night (metal)
Madam Sybelle (metal OOP)
Rotten Belles (2nd ed plastic)
Shadows of Redchapel (2nd ed crew set plastic includes new Rotten Belles & new Madam Sybelle)
The Drowned (metal)
Mindless Zombies (metal)
Zombie Miners (metal)

OOP Horrorclix Freakshow
Zombie Ventriloquist (OOP soft plastic)
Zombie Strongman (OOP soft plastic)
Pierced Zombie (OOP soft plastic)

 Zombie Confectioner (OOP soft plastic)

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