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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Two Year Anniversary!

I wished to mention on the last day of November that this month (November) marks the second anniversary for Fiends in Waistcoats! Its now two years and 29,581 views later, but this would not be possible if not for the very kind comments left by many of you readers so thank you one and all! Without your kind comments I would have never kept up with this blog. Speaking of readers there are two new gentlemen following with Google +; Jimmy Fernades of Middle Earth Minis and Gordon Richards of I Have Wrought My Simple Plan I must say I love that title! Please use the links provided to check out their wonderful blogs.

The above picture best illustrations my image of the storied British Wargames Club well dressed Gentlemen and the occasional Lady whiling away their leisure time in well appointed parlous served by dinner jacketed waiters. I suspect a gathering of the Rejects would closely resemble the above image. 

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