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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Requiem Gentlemen with Guns Set

Gentlemen With Guns Set

Here are photos of the Gentlemen With Guns Set, a set of reinforcements for the Gentlemen faction. I would have liked to see more of these reinforcement sets in the KS. The special characters are lovely to see, but for me EotD is all about growing your faction through play and more sets like this for other factions like the Lycons would have been good. These figures have not been cleaned or anything so you can see how clean the castings are. There is very little flash  and when there is its what you would expect. I'm very happy with these figures they are just what I expected and they do not disappoint. I do however have to point out that once many of the KS miniatures are primed you will notice some pitting on the supposed to be smooth areas. These areas might require some clean up/filling.

First up is a Gent in Evening wear with a Man portable Gatling Gun and goggles.
 Next up a Gent in suit and bowler hat with the aforementioned Man Portable Gatling Gun. It's nice to have clothing options!
Gent with shotgun. I plan on adding him to "the Queen's Dinner Party" my Sons of the Empire faction as Mr. John Brown.
Wild looking bearded Gent with Volley Gun.
Gentlemen in half cape and bowler hat with Repeating Rifle. I plan on adding him to "the Queen's Dinner Party" as one of the Queen's special branch bodyguards.

Well that's all of the five gentlemen in this set. Again I apologize for the bad pictures, but I'm happy to say I've gotten a replacement camera off ebay so the quality of the photos will improve dramatically.

As most everyone has now received their Requiem KS packages I'm no longer going to post raw photos like this, I'll post work in progress or painted figures from now on.