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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Hon. Harold Carfax assembly

I received a question last night form a friend who was trying to dry assemble Hon. Harold Carfax the fifth figure in the Requiem KS Gentlemen with Guns Set. I was asked if I was able to assemble it to look like the picture. Well I hadn't done anything with this set, but of course this query made me wonder. The answer is yes I could, but this picture fails to show that when you position the gun vertically like this the gun is cocked to the side. Sort of like a gangbanger cocking his pistol to the side when shooting.
Now to be fair the angle isn't this extreme but its a very lazy angle that could only charitably be called "devil may care", I do not like it personally. I tried bending the arm to straighten the angle but I was unable to get it right. I chose a downward angle for my miniature, which I'll show later.

The angle isn't the only assembly problem with this 2 part model, the left forearm has a peg, which fits into the body. This peg is much too shallow to provide a strong bond so I had to file off the peg and replace it with a pin. There are two pre-drilled holes for pegs in this miniature. (I've inserted pins in them in these pictures so you can see their placement.) The right hand hole seems to be for a peg on the back of the right hand, but there is no such peg on my model.
 The Right Hand Peg Hole

Both Peg Holes Pinned

 I drilled the holes deeper and inserted pins in them so I could position the hands and gun without final gluing. My plan was to paint body and gun separately, but since I was changing the angle of the gun this turned out to be impossible. Because I've adjusted the angle more to my liking the pin in the right side of the body proved useless to me so I removed it and glued the right hand to the body.

Here is my progress so far.
I like the pose much better than the other to me the tilt doesn't look so strange this way. It does leave a big gap with the right hand so a little putty work will be needed.

I hope you guys find this helpful.

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