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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

New Pages

I've update the blog with additional blog pages you can find them just under the title picture. HOME is the main blog page, ZOMBIE INCIDENT OF 1888 this page is a gallery of figures for the zombie apocalypse EotD hybrid I'm working on, and finally GOALS & TALLIES a self explanatory page outlining the goals of this blog and my unpainted backlog.


The Zombie Incident of 1888 began one foggy morning in May. Was it a demonic plague? An Infernum experiment gone awry? Or necromancy of the foulest kind? The origins of this incident are unknown, what is known is that the dead now stalk the living in London town.

These Lead Bones zombies will represent the fearless ecclesiastics who attempted to halt the zombie horde. These are the Lead Bones advert pics I'll post up my based and painted figure when they are done.
  The Zombie Incident will need special survivor bands (not the normal factions) I have three more or less planed out so far. THE QUEEN'S DINNER PARTY Queen Vic with a man portable Gatling gun and the survivors of her diner party, the WOMAN'S AUXILIARY YACHTING CLUB which will be composed of Hinderland's beautiful sailor girls; these plucky women could not allow their husbands to be dragged from their clubs, whiskey tumblers in their hands, by a mob of corpses so they liberated the contents of a Royal Naval arms locker.

And finally the little know FRATERNAL ORDER OF ANGRY MEN or FOAM.

(Further story updates will follow in the coming months.)
(The finger is healing nicely expect and update on the progress of Top Hat and Mr. Spectacles this weekend.)

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