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Friday, November 22, 2013

Mantic Werewolves or No Faction Left Behind

The Requiem KS introduced a huge number of new figures for EotD players to use in the game. One would think that with so many new figures every one of the 4 original factions would receive additions for players to build their factions with. Sadly one faction has been left behind the Lycons. There aren't any new wolf, wolfskin or werewolf models among the 200+ Requiem figures. But Lycon players don't sink into despair Mantic has release a new resin Werewolf kit in their Kings of War fantasy line.
This kit contains three multi-part werewolf figures. These figures are on 40mm bases and bulkier than the West Wind werewolves.
Look at all the poses you can make with this kit, it looks like hours of fun to me.
Here is the link to the link to the Mantic store.

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