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Monday, November 11, 2013

Zombie Painting 101, the lazy man's guide

 I've received a number comments about the skin tone of my zombies, first of all thanks for that my painting isn't good enough to be worth the fuss. But, I'll write you a lazy man's guide to how I'm painting my zombies for your enjoyment.

This is the first part of a two part article on painting zombies the lazy man's way. Its in 2 parts because I haven't had a chance to finish these buggers.

Step One prime model black then spray primer grey top front down. This is supposed to help create light and shadow. Now I don't have any proof that this shows through under the paint, but it does give me a better idea of how light & shadow works on that model.
Fist I paint the flesh with a watery layer of Vallejo Game Color Livery Green,
Then give them a wash of Reaper Brown Ink to tone the bright green down,
Then a light, all most a glaze really of Vallejo Model Color Sunny Skin Tone see here's the bottle,
Now I have the basic skin tone oh it will get brown ink shadows and maybe some more Sunny Skin Tone glazes on some high light areas but that's basically it. Next I start adding pigment to the hat, shoes and pants with a Games Workshop Badab Black Wash.
He looks good in a black top hat don't he? Next I painted the shirt rags in Vallejo Game Colors Ghost Grey.

Next week I'll have more of the progress on Top hat here and his pal Mr. Speckles.
Here is a paint manufacture comparison chart to aid you.

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