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Friday, November 15, 2013

Requiem KS Minatures for Sale! Hurray Get Them Today!

This is a breaking news announcement!

Figures in Comfort 
"Figures In Comfort are pleased to announce that we will have the pleasure of a pre-release launch of the full range of West Wind Productions Empire of the Dead expansion range at Warfare, Reading on 16th/17th November 2013.
This will be the first time this expansion range will be on general sale after only being available via the Kickstarter project."

So if you haven't got them yet go to Reading and get some.

Now for the Americans

Brigade Games
"Brigade Games and West Wind Productions are pleased to announce that Brigade Games will debut the entire first wave release of Empire of the Dead: Requiem in the U.S.A. at the Fall In convention this Friday 11/15, Saturday 11/16, and Sunday 11/17, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

EOTD: Requiem was the result of their very successful Kickstarter campaign. Those of you who did not participate in the KS or who want to add additional miniatures can see them firsthand and purchase them at Fall In."

"The Brigade Games' staff will be on our way to Lancaster shortly. As usual, our booth will be in the front-center of the exhibition hall. We will have all of the ranges we carry, including the newest releases, as well as our own Brigade Games, Parroom and Rattrap Productions products. I don't think I forgot to list anything, but after a week of 18-hour days, things are getting fuzzy..."

Please note that Brigade Games has not put any Requiem KS figures on their website so I'm not 100% sure they will have them at Fall In they do however advertise that they have the 5 faction/zombie box sets and all the first run special characters. They claim that they have copies of the hardbound rules with the special limited edition Professor Erazmus figure. The 2012 special book deal.
 So if you don't have any of the 2012 faction sets or special characters stop by. Some but by no means a full list of 2012 release ad photos to follow. 

Also Brigade Games will be selling new Paroom Secret Science figures they have not however put a pictures of these up on their site so If you go send me some pictures.

 And my personal favorite box set...
 There is something wrong with you if you don't want some of this.

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