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Sunday, November 24, 2013

The History of the Order of the Sacred Blood

"In ancient times the world was ruled by the old gods of ice & fire but then a new god arose in the middle east. The followers of this new god destroyed the shrines of the old gods in an orgy of blood & fire. The old gods tried to save their worshipers by bestowing the gift of their sacred blood upon their greatest champions. The sacred blood granted them godlike strength, vitality and immortality, but this new god flush with power cursed them so that they weakened in the face of the sun"

The Chronicle of the Order of the Sacred Blood-

The Pagan Kingdom of Lithuania

"The Pagan Kingdom of Lithuania remained the last bastion of the old gods in Europe having withstood the forces of the Baltic Crusades and the Order of the Teutonic Knights, but this small nation could no longer withstand the Christian might of Europe. So in an effort to stop the genocide being perpetrated against his people Grand Duke Jogaila married the 11-year-old Queen Jadwiga of Poland and the nation was officially converted to Christianity in 1386. The champions of the old gods, the vessels of the sacred blood, went to sleep deep in their castle crypts and the Order of the Scared was formed from the oldest aristocratic families to watch over them."

From The Secret History of Lithuania-

June 24th 1812
Napoleon crossed the Neman River today war has begun. The Tzar's Court is calling it the Great Patriotic War but them every war is patriotic.

June 26th 1812
I've received my orders today the regiment is to muster at Riga on the 30th.

June 27th 1812
He's awake! I was in the crypt attending to the champion and he awake he spoke to me... he said "Its raining blood".

From the diary of Jan Matejko-

"After nearly five centuries the champions have awakened they are gifting the most worthy members of the Order with the Sacred Blood turning them into a pale imitation of themselves. Outside of the Order humanity has largely forgotten them though they do live in peasant folklore as monsters called Nosferatu..."

From the New History of the Order if the Sacred Blood-

I've received the generous gift of no less than 3 Perry Bros. Napoleonic calvary arms with sabers from Mike McGraw thanks mate! I'll get to work on the Nosferatu consort conversion of Nadezhda Durova and here history as a vampire right away.
 I'll be using this cool Requiem figure as the Graf or champion.
And these brothers will be the minions of the order.

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