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Friday, August 30, 2013

I've returned

Hello all I'm sorry for my sudden absence but I've had a bit of a forced holiday.
I had a tiny little stroke, a very tiny tear in my cerebellum. Personally I think it has more to do with the tumble down the stairs I had earlier in the week but I didn't have any outward damage so the doctors called it a "spontaneous eruption". But  I didn't have any of the signs of a stroke either, no loss of muscle control, memory or anything of that sort. I lost my sense of balance and some coordination in my left foot. Any way I'm back home walking, cooking and cleaning for myself again. I live alone and the hospital doctor didn't like that and was holding me longer than I need to try to get me to move in with relatives. I had to get a little rough to secure my release.

Poor Lunatic R. watched the EMTs and the police carry be out of my apartment (at that time I couldn't stand) I felt sorry for the poor chaps 4 of them had to carry my 6'6" 268lbs frame down a flight of stairs. He is still fussing about the whole thing. Here is the giant air bed the hospital dug up to accommodate me it was 7' long.
Normal posts should resume soon.