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Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Future is Bright Blog update

This is the cover of the IPN issue reporting the late 1800's reappearance of Spring Heeld Jack the Terror of London. I know I did the INP but I collected a ton of IPN illustrations and I can't help myself they're just so cool.

So this is a quick blog update about the direction of Fiends in Waistcoats. I see I have more followers now (hooray) so please add your comments at the bottom of this post. The North East American heat wave is over and I can now pick up glue and paint again. You'll see painted miniatures posts starting tomorrow.  And then then some London Board updates down the road (80% humidity and 96 f temperatures are not conducive to terrain making).

Now that the INP article was well received I intend to interject similar articles between the hobby content. Now what sort of articles will they be you may ask, well I've been working on an article on the "Penny Bloods" and "Spring Heeld Jack the Terror of London".

But you my dear readers can assist me by indicating your interest in reading particular articles in this blog. Simply mention what strikes your fancy in the comments below.

1) Victorian Vampires
2) The Order of the Golden Dawn
3)  Sears & Roebuck Catalog Victorianises the American West
I have a complete catalog from 1901 I can digitize the advertising for you guys to use but they are only B&W.
4) Movie reviews, I own all the API Poe films and many of the Hammer films. I can put together a Gothic horror inspiration article.
5) American Civil War creates walking corpse/zombie fears in America

These are all the ideas I've come up with in the past few days please let me know if you find any of them interesting.

(Note all talky posts will continue to have a random picture on them because everything is better with pictures.)