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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Requiem Release Phase 1, The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

West Wind is currently running a slide show of all of Phase One miniatures on their site which you can see here, but one of these miniatures Professor Cavor is not in it.

You can see him if you look closely in the picture below.
I understand this photo to contain all the miniatures to be release in phase one.

The Good
 The phased release of the KS figures is a very good thing as it will give everyone else who wasn't a Requiem backer a chance to buy these figures. And the fact that these 200+ figures will be released on the market in a orderly fashion will prevent a panic and will certainly save many a Christmas fund if not a few lives in the bargain. You'll have the chance to pick up any one of these faction box sets for 25 pounds. Three of these sets are faction box sets with 8 figures and the Vampire Slayers is a Collector's set? of 7 figures.

Reinforcement Blisters like the following:
Brothers with Guns 4 figures 12 ponds
Gentlemen with Gatling Guns (2 figures) 6 pounds
A wide variety of special characters ranging in price from 4 to 10 pounds depending on size.

 A wide range of vehicles in resin and white metal all at the price of 25 pounds per.
I have not shown all the special characters and vehicles coming out in phase 1 for a full list you should check out the West Wind slide show on their site.

The Bad
 There are the things I don't like about this release:

West Wind is offering a 4 figure blister of Gentlemen with long guns, but the KS had only 3 figures of this type. The blister add suggests a mystery figure, who does that theses days?. In my view this is simply horrid.

Also the Orinithopter is going on sale in Phase 1 as a white metal vehicle kit yet there are no pictures of this kit in the metal. The box art is the same are that appeared in the KS. I don't think that's appropriate there should be pictures of the finished model.

The Ugly
When I talk about the ugly I'm mostly mentioning issues that the 623 backers of the Kickstarter may have with this release. There are 4 figures that I and I'm sure others thought where going o be KS only limiter edition figures now available to the general public in phase 1.
The Specimen
The Phantom
Great Uncle Thulu

The final issue I see KS backers having with these release are the changes to the Special Police Branch Faction Set. Here is the KS release set:
And here is the new public release set:
Notice the differences? The hound is gone, replaced by the chap on springs.
Now he was an additional figure that could be had on his own so Requiem backers who want him will need to buy the box set. I hope he well be offered as a single in another phase. It was noticed that the original KS set didn't have a handler for the hound so I expect a blister of hound and handler in the future. There is one other change in the new set, a new netgunner.
This is the netgunner all the Requiem KS backers got;

I prefer the pose of the first figure.

For everyone awaiting the 2nd half of the lazyman's guide to painting zombies, sorry I cut my figure on my right hand so no painting for a week or so.

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