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Sunday, August 2, 2015


I've been experimenting this weekend with mold making I haven't done any mold other than press molds in years so I got out and old jar of Woodland Scenics Latex Rubber to make a mold. I've had this jar lying around for 6 years or so. That's wasn't so good as its thicker than is should be, but I'm pressing on. I'm trying a wrap around mold (never made one before) on a plastic fence bit. These molds take a long time as they are built up in layers painted on with a brush. I'm going to finish it today.

The other Saturday experiment was snow. I made a snow base using baking soda and white glue it looks great as you can see below. So now I have a snow method I like for my Frostgrave stuff. Yes I've been bitten by the shinny bug and I'm digging up old fantasy miniatures to play Joe's game. At least some of the Frostgrave terrain will do double duty in Weird WW2. That's it for today Gentle readers.

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