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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Game Boards

My mate and I are working on two boards to play EOTD on. One will be a London street board and the other a Countryside board. Both boards will follow a basic semi-modular plan, four rows of 16" x 12" sections. That will be 3 16" wide sections and 12" high sections per row, 4 rows will make a 4'x4' playing surface. Each section will be made of 1/4" MDF boards cut to size. We both live in flats so storage is a major issue. The modular part is based on the standardized section size. This will enable us to move the sections around allowing a different set up each game. This will allow a few different combinations, but over time we can make more 16" x 12" sections to increase the number of combinations. We are hoping to make a few sections that will fit in both the countryside and the London streets. I'm not sure that this will be possible in the end, but we've give it a try. 

I got my table idea from staring way too long at the Night of the Alchemist Table.

Next up early work on the Countryside board.