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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

New Members!

Figures just primed with highlights using rattle(spray) cans. Photo taken with my phone.
I want to take a moment to say welcome to all the new people who have joined the blog or started following me on Goggle Plus. Most of you are noted bloggers far more established than I, I will add your blogs to mine once I have overcome my Blogger Blog Roll limit.

New Members:
Google Plus
CJ KIlbride, Shay O’Shea. Juan Carlos LLop LLopez, Oakes Spalding, Pendragon Without. Christopher Moody, Javier Aparicio of Kensai Miniatures, Matt Eastwood, WoldStand, 
Spielecafe & Kuchen, Kevin Downs, Wil Jacobson, Bryan Scott, Tom Candlin, Ken Reilly,
Congtan huynh, Julia morgan, Paul of the ManCave, Clint Burnett, Tom P., Christian Templin,
Ashley etchell, r.a.e. gingerbhoy.

Blog Members:

Matt, Commissarmoody, Will Jacobson, Nimrod, Foss1066.