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Monday, October 6, 2014

Zombtober 2014 First Week Mission Fail

Well printing out the backgrounds didn't go as planned it came out with streaks and is unusable. And I found a really nice one too! I'll try to get it printed as a photo at Walgreens for this Sunday. Sadly there were some personal issues that prevented me from getting any painting in this week but there will be zombies this Sunday (at least one).

Once again I'd like to welcome two new Google+ followers to the blog,

Llaman Llama of the wonderful blog Liama's War of the Ring Llama is a follower of my 2nd blog Slumming in Goblintown and Gerald M. Gerald is active in the Google "history" community I don't know much about these,  I'm not aware that he has a blog if you do please let me know.

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