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Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Look at the Work Table 2

We will continue with a few more shots of what's on the table. I'm in the process of basing up all the zombies in the West Wind zombie box set plus an other zombie.

My camera is dying a slow death, I hope the pictures are clear. The West Wind zombies are superb and I can't wait to paint them up. The others are all ready primed and awaiting some paint.
Here is a chap from Horrorclix Carnival series. He has a pretty good paint job, but I plan to repaint him anyway. As you can see the Horrorclix are a bit taller then the West Wind figures. But not so tall that I feel I can't use him.

I just can't resist zombies. I'll be adding every vaguely Victorian liking zombie I can lay my hands on to EOTD. One day I'll have a Victorian Zombie horde. But The Hellfire club is allowed 1 zombie mob per game; no more. A zombie mob is made up of 10 zombie figures. The zombie box contains 10 so I'm good to go.

Speaking of Horrorclix I dug up this guy in my bin of random Miniatures.
He'll make a passable Professor Gecko until I get around to buying the offical one. Here is the artwork for the good professor. He is one of the many new characters appearing in the EOTD Kickstarter: Requiem. He will need a re-paint of course.
 Last but on least, or maybe he is the least? I've had this figure in my random miniatures bin for some time. I've now decided to paint him, but I'm not sure how I will use him in the games. I use him as a vampire guardian last year in my early games. I might use him as a sort of marker now.
I start actual painting this week. I'll try to post more next week.

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