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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Requiem the Shape of Things to Come.

Requiem was the Kickstarter massive miniature expansion of Empire of the Dead which was funded on March 26 of this year. The figures in the kickstarter will become publicly available this summer after the 623 KS backers receive theirs. That should be some time in June.

The April issue of Wargames Illustrated has a full page add for the upcoming public release of the Requiem figures.

I'm one of the KS backers and here are some of the sets that will be coming my way in June.

And the icing on the cake Ladies and Gentlemen Young Queen Victoria with Gatling gun!

On another note I realized that I haven't been posting on a regular schedule so I will change that. I'll be posting weekly on Sunday nights.


  1. Sweet, I've been pestering people for Salute pics but what was on display is what we've already seen :(

    Is it June yet!

  2. You mean at Salute? I pestered people too, but got no new pictures as well.