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Sunday, April 20, 2014

A Pirate Life For Me.

Lunatic R has taken the plunge into the 18th Century with Black Scorpion's pirate skirmish game Cutlass. This isn't just any old pirate skirmish game its a fantasy pirate skirmish game! 
We used to play Games Workshop's Legend of the High Seas a few years ago but the Lunatic has always been partial to fantasy gaming. He is one of those people who's afraid of historical gaming though he did enjoy fantasy free Legends of the High Seas.
 What I like about Cutlass is the action point system which I'm told is very much like Blood Bowl, I've never played Blood Bowl so I couldn't say but I love the reaction system where the members of the inactive crew get to take an action in re-action to members of the active crew. For example if a crew member of the active gang shoots at a member of the opposite crew any of that crew's mates within 6" of him can return fire at the shooter if they can see him. I think that's great. The old GW I go/you go system was my main issue with LOTHS. I like the way in which this system works out the fantasy elements in this game, it's mostly done with skills. All crew members have a level 1 to 20 and the starting stats for each race is the same. Its the racial skills and some special abilities which differentiate the races. I'm hoping this will make for a balanced campaign. There are human pirate, privateer and royal navy factions so you can play this system as a "historical" game too.

Like LOTHS this game is all about the campaign system. I hope to have a report on that in a few weeks once I've played a few games.

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