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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Happy Seppuku Base Stamps

Back in April of last year I did a quick tutorial showing how I made my cobblestone bases using putty and a home made stamp. The tutorial can be found here. Several people asked me where could they get a stamp? Well, now I know just where to go to get one This little company is producing durable silicon rubber stamps in all sorts of textures and they are large enough to allow you to stamp several bases at once. I made my stamp too small for mass base stamping I can only fit 2 bases on it at a time which is an irritating time drag. You'll find downloadable PDF instructions on using their stamps on their site and links to their 2 youtube videos under "videos" on their website. Normally I would insert them here on the blog post but blogger isn't recognizing the youtube videos. This issue is becoming a regular problem with blogger these days.

 I managed to upload the video from my computer.

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