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Friday, April 25, 2014

Most Imperssive Victorian Building Near Me

This is a belated reply to Solo Wargaming's challenge (the challenge can be found here, and Legatus' reply can be found here.) to show the most impressive Victorian building near you. I have chosen my favorite museum the Metropolitan Museum of Art known to locals as "the Met". The Met is the largest art museum in American and the 10th largest in the world.
From the balcony in the main entrance foyer. 
The sculpture garden, this is a latter edition to the building you can see the original buildings exterior wall on the left.
 Part of the main exhibit hall at night despite the picture the museum is well lit at night it loses at 10pm 6 days a week.
The Arms & Armor wing holds the largest collection of medieval arms in America and the largest collection of samurai swords of anywhere in the world outside of Japan.
American works of art like this gold inlay-ed colt revolver from 1857 are well represented in the Met's collecion.

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